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Everything About IMUGA
Complete Guide for Travelers travelling to the Maldives

Introduction to IMUGA for Maldives

The IMUGA travel declaration is an official document established by the Maldives authorities to facilitate immigration procedures for travellers entering or leaving the country. Designed to simplify the immigration process while ensuring compliance with health protocols and immigration requirements, this declaration is an essential step for travellers. By filling out this declaration before their arrival, travellers contribute to a smoother travel experience and better management of traveller flows by Maldivian authorities.

Submission Process of the Travel Declaration

The IMUGA travel declaration submission process is user-friendly and accessible to all incoming or outgoing travellers in the Maldives. Simply fill out an online form that requires details such as flight information, traveller’s contact information, details of accommodation in the Maldives, as well as COVID-19 health information. It is essential to provide accurate and precise information when submitting the declaration to ensure a seamless experience upon arrival or departure. This procedure is mandatory for all travellers, regardless of their final destination.

Official IMUGA application

Role of the QR Code in IMUGA

Once the travel declaration is successfully submitted, travellers receive a document containing a unique QR code. This QR code contains all the information provided during the declaration submission, including traveller details, flight and accommodation information. Upon arrival in the Maldives, immigration authorities will scan this QR code to quickly and easily access the necessary information, expediting the entry process and reducing queues.

Practical Tips for Using IMUGA

To optimize the use of IMUGA and ensure a hassle-free travel experience, here are some practical tips to follow:

  • Fill out the travel declaration carefully and accurately, providing all required information.
  • Download the QR code of your travel declaration to your mobile device before the trip and ensure it is easily accessible.
  • Keep both the printed and digital versions of the travel declaration for presentation to relevant authorities upon arrival in the Maldives.

By fully understanding how IMUGA works and following appropriate guidelines, travellers can simplify their entry process to the Maldives and fully enjoy their stay in this beautiful tropical archipelago. By staying informed and adequately preparing before the trip, travellers can minimize delays and potential issues, allowing them to focus on discovery and relaxation during their stay in the Maldives.

Official IMUGA application

Benefits of IMUGA

IMUGA Maldives offers numerous benefits to travellers, including the ability to submit their travel declaration online before their arrival, allowing Maldivian authorities to better plan and manage traveller flows. Additionally, using IMUGA helps reduce queues at the airport.

Validity of IMUGA Traveller Declaration

The traveller’s declaration is a one-time-use form that you must complete for each visit to the Maldives to present it to the Maldivian immigration office. This requirement applies to tourists, visa holders, and Maldivian citizens. It is important to note that this form is not a substitute for the visa required to enter the country. Furthermore, please note that you will receive a 30-day visa on arrival if you enter the Maldives as a tourist.

Submission of IMUGA for Departures

It is important to note that IMUGA must also be filled out by travellers leaving the Maldives, not just those entering. Travelers must submit their travel declaration before their planned departure to facilitate immigration procedures at the time of departure.

In summary, IMUGA offers a more efficient and secure travel experience, whether entering or leaving the Maldives, thereby contributing to making the immigration process smoother and less stressful for all travellers.

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